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Great flexibility, fast evolution

Still discovering some fancy usage, Already using it a lot to ensure continuity between laptop and mobile devices [default comment but quite matching my feeling though]


a very useful tool for keeping all your documents updated. I strongly recommend it

Great, one feature missing

Fantastic, I love to be able to download a directory hierarchically for offline use, which is impossible with Dropbox Just wish that I could save anything in these directories while offline, and that it would sync automatically will going online.



Bug a louverture

Serious bug as the application is crashing during opening

Now I cant export my audio files!

Now I cant export my audio files!


Funktioniert super. Habe schon viel probiert. Viel Speicher

Super Sache immer verfügbar ohne Probleme. Große Hilfe für unterwegs...


Its very good

Even better than dropbox

Really great app for storing & managing files online! Lovely app design. Great programm

Great app!

The best

Reliable Apps!

Great to have this apps; very reliable!

Its gooood!

Its great, its everything I ever wanted in a cloud. Whoopiddy do da ding a ling! Stop everything and download this app!

Best cloud storage

Better than Dropbox.

Crash on zoom in an offline high resolution photo

Please fix. Great app otherwise.

Top shelf

Best cloud service around. Dependable, works across all your devices, and well priced. Cant live without it now...

Wont open

It wont allow me to login or sign up. iOS 9.0.1 and .2

Love this App and Service ❤️️

I use it for all my mostly needed docs to get them on the go!

Useful app to load and access files, but poor RTF file viewer

The app is good, I use it to load documents from the share sheet in the ScanSnap app in my law practice. As well, I use it to attach files to Outlook iOS (but Outlook always seems to forget my Box login credentials). Our CRM software is Windows based and produces RTF files but the Box viewer both in the app and online does not read "line return" characters correctly so the formatting is all messed up. We have to resort to TextEdit on Mac and Word to open such files without formatting glitches. Would appreciate a fix! Also, I would like to see a way to email files to selective folders so that correspondence is filed automatically and correctly. Thanks!

An amazing app stumbles... but I remain hopeful

The app has been repeatedly crashing for the past couple of weeks. Its hard to type one or two lines before it goes down. I thought it was the best ever until this happened. The box is such an awesome resource and I rely on it for everything. I would appreciate it if the developers help fix this for me. Thanks.

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